Engineering Services

Our dynamic, highly skilled staff has over one hundred engineers and designers. Most have worked in industry before joining RPA, so they understand what you’re dealing with. We value forward-thinking in our employees every bit as much as engineering skills.

Our services include:
Turnkey Control Systems Engineering for Optimum Process Cooling
Project Management
Energy Management
On-Site Services
On-Site 3D Laser Scanning

Turnkey Control Systems Engineering for Optimum Process Cooling

Save water, money and the environment with turnkey industrial process cooling controls engineering from RPA Engineering.

Whether designing for new construction, expansion or renovation/retrofit, RPA Engineering is uniquely qualified to engineer the controls for process heat generated by induction furnaces, arc furnaces, induction coils, power supplies, quench tanks and more.

RPA Engineering’s 25 years experience and dynamic, hands-on team approach to cooling control system engineering enables us to make effective, on-the-spot decisions and optimize controls for a 24/7 environment, regardless of ambient temperatures, process conditions and seasonal weather.

Our services include:
Capacity control and heat balance calculations
Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
Piping and systems drawings
Controls engineering, including sequencing and heat loop algorithms
PLC programming
Temperature and equipment (i.e., fans, pumps, valves, etc.) monitoring
Project management

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RPA Engineering has developed strategies and techniques to assist our clients in solving engineering planning problems. Whether it’s a stand-alone planning project or the first step in a major engineering effort, our team of experienced engineering professionals help ensure that you get the information you need in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our expertise includes:
Basis of Design
Facilities Planning
System Evaluations
Feasibility Analysis
Site Selection
Permitting Studies
Code Evaluations
Cost Estimating
Forensic Engineering Analysis of Existing Systems


It has been said that Design is the essence of the engineer. Our experienced staff of Design Engineers has completed numerous projects in which they have converted clients’ resources in an optimal way to meet the objectives of the project. Though our design engineers strive to be flexible when solving design problems, we insist that every project begins with a rigorous examination of the parameters to ensure that the problem is correctly defined.

Among our areas of design expertise are:
Pressure Vessel Design 
MEP Facilities Engineering
Automation, Robotics, Material Handling, Machine Design
Chemical, Process & Control
Packaging Design

Project Management

RPA Project Managers understand how important it is to walk the tightrope between achieving all of your project goals and objectives while honoring the project constraints. We respect that sometimes your resources are limited and that a little bit of creativity on our part is necessary to get the job done right (not to mention on-time and on-budget). Our project managers’ commitment to teamwork and two-way communications allows us to clarify project objectives and goals, as well as the roles and responsibilities of RPA and the client.

Our Project Management expertise includes:
Constructability Review
Value Engineering
Contractor Pre-Qualifications
Cost Management
Operations & Maintenance
Shop Drawing Review & Inspections


From project inception through final turn-over our commissioning agents verify that the installation and operation of your facility meets the design requirements. We employ a hands-on, customized approach to ensure specific client needs and system specifications are met. Each commissioning team is tailored to meet the requirements of your project.

RPA’s commissioning services include:
Procedures/Protocol Development
Commissioning Project Management
System Installation Inspections
Factory and Site Acceptance Testing
Start-up and Trouble Shooting
User Requirement Specs
Functional Requirement Specs

Energy Management

Whether you operate an office building or an industrial site, managing facilities efficiently is an increasingly critical factor of success. RPA can review your facilities for efficient energy usage. In addition, we can oversee projects relating to the efficient consumption of resources through energy- efficient technologies, designs, and alternative- and renewable-energy fuel sources. Our unique qualifications include a deep understanding of the fuels markets, and the electric grid and its various pricing scenarios, to help you maximize energy cost efficiencies.

Our expertise includes:
Energy audits
Co-generation studies
Facility assessment
Sustainable and energy-efficient HVAC design
Utility rate analysis
LEED building certification and design
Alternative Fuel System Designs
Analysis and Evaluation Services related to Performance Contracting

On-Site Services

For over 20 years, RPA Engineering has provided a seamless, integrated extension of site staff for many clients. Our on-site services allow clients the ability to focus on their core business, while optimizing the effectiveness of their facilities. Whether it is one person for a fast track project, or a team for complete site management, RPA is the right choice.

By Design.

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