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Turnkey Control Systems Engineering for Optimum Process Cooling

Save water, money and the environment with turnkey industrial process cooling controls engineering from RPA Engineering.

Whether designing for new construction, expansion or renovation/retrofit, RPA Engineering is uniquely qualified to engineer the controls for process heat generated by induction furnaces, arc furnaces, induction coils, power supplies, quench tanks and more.

RPA Engineering’s 25 years experience and dynamic, hands-on team approach to cooling control system engineering enables us to make effective, on-the-spot decisions and optimize controls for a 24/7 environment, regardless of ambient temperatures, process conditions and seasonal weather.

Our services include:M
Capacity control and heat balance calculations
Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
Piping and systems drawings
Controls engineering, including sequencing and heat loop algorithms
PLC programming
Temperature and equipment (i.e., fans, pumps, valves, etc.) monitoring
Project management

Benefits of an efficient process cooling control system by RPA Engineering:

  • Reduced water and chemicals usage, minimal evaporation loss
  • Increased energy savings
  • Elimination of freezing/melting problems
  • Extended operating life for cooling towers and equipment
  • Reduced maintenance and repairs
  • Added flexibility for expansion and retrofits

Co-Generation: RPA Engineering also can engineer heat recovery systems in conjunction with your process systems in order to put that recovered energy to work for on-site power generation.

New! Dual Cooling Tower Spillover Temperature Control System

RPA Engineering has developed a new, high efficiency PLC-driven system for chilled water processes that allows two or more cooling towers to be individually controlled for optimum cost and energy savings.

The new Dual Cooling Tower Spillover Temperature Control System allows the controller to establish different set points for each cooling tower. In this way, the first tower operates its fans only as needed to regulate the temperature, while the additional tower fans are engaged only as needed to regulate the broad range of temperatures required by the process plant equipment. This variable control option helps process plants continuously reduce energy costs.

The new control system eliminates waste heat from induction furnaces, arc furnaces, induction coils, power supplies and quench tanks, while managing the fans, pumps, valves and temperature control loops. It can be adapted to any manufacturer’s fan-controlled cooling tower. Suitable for both new and retrofit applications, the new system is installed at a number of manufacturing and foundry locations. It is ideal for use in oil refineries, chemical plants, power stations, iron and steel foundries and other process manufacturing plants.

Read about a few of our process cooling engineering case histories:
Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products

A business unit of Alcoa Inc., provides forged aluminum wheels and other components for the transportation industry. Its Lebanon, Virginia facility recently expanded its product line, necessitating a new set of process cooling conditions. This put an additional load on the system and its cooling tower. Instead of installing a second cooling tower, RPA Engineering was able to provide a more cost-efficient solution comprised of new VFD controlled pumps and heat exchanger. The new turnkey cooling tower control solution met the original design parameters and the new requirements.

RPA Engineering … Your source for turnkey process cooling control systems engineering.

Universal Stainless

Universal Stainless produces semi-finished and finished specialty steel long products and plate for eventual use in the aerospace, power gen, petrochemical and heavy equipment industries. RPA Engineering provided turnkey cooling water system design at the company´s North Jackson, OH premium melting facility — including piping design, equipment specification, installation supervision, PLC programming, commissioning and startup. The three cooling systems were sized and installed to address the cooling needs of five vacuum arc remelt furnaces and one vacuum induction melting furnace.

RPA Engineering … Your source for turnkey process cooling control systems engineering.

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